Chemical structure and physical properties of Glutathione Capsules

Glutathione is a tripeptide composed of three amino acids: glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Its chemical structure is represented as γ-L-glutamyl-L-cysteinylglycine. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant naturally found in the body and plays a crucial role in various biochemical processes, including detoxification, immune function, and maintaining cellular health.

The chemical structure of glutathione is as follows:



    N–(CH2)3–C(=O)–CH2–COOH     (Glutamic acid)


H–C–(S–)–NH–(CH2)2–COOH     (Cysteine)


    H–CH2–COOH     (Glycine)

Chemical structure and physical properties of Glutathione Capsules-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

Physical properties of glutathione capsules can vary depending on various factors such as the form of glutathione used (e.g., reduced or oxidized), additional ingredients, and manufacturing processes. However, some general properties may include:

Color and Appearance: Glutathione capsules can vary in color, ranging from white to off-white or even slightly yellowish, depending on the purity of the compound and any added excipients.

Solubility: Glutathione is water-soluble and can dissolve in water and other polar solvents. However, its solubility may vary depending on the specific form (e.g., reduced glutathione, oxidized glutathione) and any additional ingredients in the capsule formulation.

Stability: Glutathione can be sensitive to factors such as temperature, pH, and oxidative stress. Proper storage conditions, such as protecting from light and moisture, are important to maintain its stability and potency.

Odor and Taste: Glutathione itself is odorless and tasteless. However, depending on the capsule formulation and any added ingredients, there may be a slight odor or taste associated with the capsules.

Dosage Strength: Glutathione capsules may come in various dosage strengths, typically ranging from 100 mg to 1000 mg or more per capsule. The recommended dosage can vary depending on the intended use and individual health factors.

Chemical structure and physical properties of Glutathione Capsules-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

Purity: The purity of glutathione capsules can vary depending on the manufacturing process and quality control measures. High-quality formulations aim for maximum purity to ensure efficacy and safety.

Shelf Life: Glutathione capsules typically have a defined shelf life, which can vary depending on factors such as formulation, packaging, and storage conditions. It’s important to adhere to the expiration date and storage recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

It’s essential to consult healthcare professionals or pharmacists for specific information regarding the physical properties and appropriate usage of glutathione capsules, especially if considering supplementation for health purposes.