Correct Usage of Royal Jelly

As a bee product, royal jelly is rich in various nutrients and is figuratively called “liquid gold”. Its value is self-evident. However, does royal jelly work as long as you eat it? Are there any dietary taboos? What should we pay attention to when eating it? Many people simply take royal jelly every morning and evening without considering whether it should be taken on an empty stomach. Under such conditions of ignorance, the effect of taking it naturally is not very good.

Royal Jelly

The most important thing to note when taking royal jelly is to take it on an empty stomach every day, so that the body can absorb the nutrients of royal jelly to the greatest extent, and it will not reduce the effect due to the partial heat generated by food after a meal. Although royal jelly has a high nutritional value, it is not suitable for everyone. Women in the pre-pregnancy period can take royal jelly to improve their physical fitness, but once they are pregnant, they should not take it. In addition, adolescents should try not to take royal jelly. Adolescents and children in puberty are in a relatively complex hormonal state during their growth and development, so excessive supplementation is not recommended. Of course, except for these two groups and those who are allergic to royal jelly, the rest can take it with confidence. Long-term use has a more significant effect. Research has shown that taking royal jelly not only beautifies and nourishes the skin but also has a significant alleviating and therapeutic effect on menopause. High-quality royal jelly is sour, astringent, spicy, and has a long-lasting flavor, which is very valuable to the human body. If you are particularly sensitive to the taste, you can try frozen consumption. Frozen consumption tends to have a better taste. It is also recommended to consume it with honey or pollen, which also contains various trace elements that are beneficial to the body. We also remind you to pay attention to the low-temperature freezing preservation of royal jelly. The recommended storage temperature is -5 to -7°C. Practice has proven that under such temperature conditions, its composition changes very little even if it is stored for a year. It can be stored for several years at -18°C without deteriorating.