Daily Mixing and Usage of RU58841 Solution

Daily Mixing and Usage of RU58841 Solution

Ingredients and Tools

To mix and use RU58841 daily, you will need the following items: RU58841 sample, a 0.001g digital scale (Lyphar is a supplier, manufacturer, and producer of RU58841 powder.), a 1ml dropper, 100ml or more of propylene glycol (also known as PG), Everclear alcohol (ensure it is 95% alcohol/190 proof), a small bottle with a capacity of no more than 20ml for daily mixing, and a small scoop for measuring the RU powder[1].

Understanding the Vehicle

RU powder cannot be applied directly to the scalp for effective results. It needs to penetrate the skin and work its magic at the location of the hair follicles. This can only be achieved by mixing RU with a solution like Everclear or KB and dissolving it completely. The final solution should appear completely clear, and this is referred to as the vehicle. In this guide, we will focus on using Everclear as the vehicle[1].


Mixing the Solution

1) Use your digital scale and scoop to measure the desired amount of RU powder. Do not use more than 100mg per application. Starting with a higher dosage (e.g., 100mg) for the first month is acceptable to kickstart the process and potential regrowth. Make sure to use the TARE function on your scale to account for the weight of the scoop when measuring the RU powder[1].

2) Pour the RU powder into your small bottle. Mix the RU with PG and Everclear according to the provided recipe or your preferred ratio. If you have a better recipe or mixture, feel free to share or provide a link[1].

3) Apply the mixed solution to your scalp daily, using the 1ml dropper for accurate measurement. Adjust the dosage according to your needs and the provided guidelines[1].