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Nicotinamide ribose (NR) is a derivative of vitamin B3 and the precursor substrate of norga factor nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+levels increase after ingestion. NAD+is essential for human cell metabolism. In fact, scientists have studied NAD+for more than 20 years. From the discovery of NAD+by Nobel Prize winner Arthur Harden in 1906 to the introduction of highly stable NAD+dietary supplements to the Chinese market in 2015, the role of NAD+in the human body will attract extensive attention from scientists

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Nicotinamide riboside powder bulk can purchase from many sources, please pay more attention to its quality choice.  It is best to choose a reliable source and a big brand. Side effects of nicotinamide riboside were almost less and did not exist.  Which is still under scientific research and study.

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1. NR is the precursor substrate of NAD+and has the effect of anti-cell aging

With the weakening of cell antioxidant capacity, the lipid on the cell membrane structure is oxidized, and then a series of abnormalities appear, such as nuclear membrane depression, and the selective permeability of the cell membrane is reduced. Finally, the nuclear membrane disintegrated, chromatin structure changed, and hyperdiploid and abnormal polyploid cells increased; In addition, the active center of the enzyme in the cell is oxidized, the enzyme activity is reduced, the protein synthesis is reduced, and the cell metabolic activity is blocked. These changes play an important role in the content of NAD+in Vivo. NADH carries electrons and with strong reducibility participates in the redox reactions of more than 200 cells, releases energy, and protects cell tissues. With the increase of age, the content of NAD+in the human body will drop sharply, so supplementing NAD+can effectively alleviate cell aging.

2. NR, the precursor substrate of NAD+, can affect germ cells

High levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) can lead to the destruction of cell replication and transcription, leading to cell chromosome abnormalities, such as the increase of sperm DNA fragment rate and sperm malformation rate. This is common because ROS destroys the base pairs of DNA double strands, leading to NAD breakage of sperm cells in the process of replication. One of the reasons for all these adverse consequences is that the content of NAD+in the body is not enough to neutralize excessive oxygen free radicals in the body. Therefore, appropriate intake of nicotinamide ribose in pregnant women is beneficial to improve sperm quality. In a study on the effect of NAD+on sperm DNA fragmentation, when incubated with mol/L NAD+, the content of NAD+in sperm increased significantly, while the percentage of DNA fragments in sperm decreased significantly.

3. NR is the precursor substrate of NAD+, which can affect the membrane tissue

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for cell senescence is oxidative damage to cell membrane tissue. The membrane tissue of a cell is the “wall” that regionalizes the cell. Once the permeability of this “wall” is defective, the relatively independent area in the cell will no longer exist, and the special functions of this area will also be affected. For example, the nuclear membrane, cell membrane and mitochondrial membrane are vulnerable to the attack of reactive oxygen species, resulting in abnormal cell function. Problems such as abnormal genetic material and abnormal cellular respiratory function occur. For sperm cells, the respiratory function is blocked, which is directly manifested as poor sperm vitality. Nicotinamide ribose supplementation can not only improve sperm quality but also alleviate cell aging in elderly men who are preparing for pregnancy.

4. NR is the precursor substrate of NAD+ which can be expressed in inflammation

The fight against inflammation and infection caused by foreign pathogens usually leads to the production of a large number of reactive oxygen species, which destroys biological macromolecules, including DNA. At the same time, NAD+repairs damage by activating PARPs. At the same time, PARPs can adjust the CCL2-CCR2 signal path through NF- κ B activates NK cells, thereby eliminating the virus. Sirtuins and CD38+also depend on NAD+, which is the main way for the body to resist infection.

Since most studies on nicotinamide riboside and NAD+are from animal studies, it is impossible to draw clear conclusions about their effectiveness in humans. In other words, we can only say some potential health benefits of nicotinamide ribosomes:

Easy conversion to NAD+

NAD+is a coenzyme or auxiliary molecule involved in many biological reactions.

Although this is critical to maintaining optimal health, research shows that NAD+levels continue to decline with age. Lower levels of NAD+are associated with aging and various harmful diseases (1 trusted source, 3 trusted sources).

One way to increase the level of NAD+is to consume NAD+precursors (components of NAD+), such as nicotinamide riboside.

Animal studies have shown that nicotinamide ribose can increase the content of NAD+in blood by 2.7 times. Moreover, it is easier for your body to use than other NAD+precursors (7Trusted Source).