Properties and Applications of Panthenol

Panthenol: A Vital Organic Compound

Panthenol, commonly known as the Provitamin B5, is an isomer of Panthenol that possesses optical activity. It has the English name, (R)-Pantothenol. This particular isomer has a specific biological activity. Panthenol can exist as racemic mixtures, right-handed (D) isomers, and left-handed (L) isomers. Among these forms, only the right-handed isomer exhibits biological activity, while the left-handed isomer does not [3].

Properties and Applications of Panthenol-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

Applications in Health and Beauty

D-Panthenol is an alcohol analog of D-Pantothenic acid and a right-handed isomer of Panthenol. It appears as a transparent, viscous substance with a slight hygroscopic quality and a slight bitter taste. It can be dissolved in water, ethanol, methanol, propylene glycol, chloroform, and ethyl ether, but is hardly soluble in glycerol. Once ingested, it is converted into Pantothenic acid in the body, which then synthesizes Coenzyme A, promoting the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This process protects the surface mucosa and gloss of the skin and prevents disease [4].

Furthermore, D-Panthenol is primarily used to prepare hair care products and topical cosmetics. It can prevent small wrinkles, inflammation, sunburn, erosion, prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth. Because Panthenol can penetrate the hair to form an elastic film on the inside and outside of the hair shaft, it can display the softness and elasticity of the hair internally and the gloss of the hair externally. Panthenol can thicken the hair and repair damaged hair [5].

Synthesis Methods of D-Panthenol

Production of D-Panthenol

The synthesis of D-Panthenol can be achieved through a condensation reaction between D-Pantolactone and 3-Aminopropanol. It can also be produced by condensing DL-Pantolactone with 3-Aminopropanol to obtain racemic DL-Panthenol and then obtain D-Panthenol (right-handed Panthenol) through optical resolution [7].