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Basic Information:

Product name: Sucralose powder

CAS NO.: 56038-13-2

Specification: ≥98%

Appearance: white crystalline powder, odorless, non-hygroscopic.

Storage: 2 years at room temperature in a proper method.

Packing size: 1kg/5kg/20kg/or as per customer’s requirements.

Brand: Lyphar

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Sucralose is a high-intensity sweetener with high stability, stability to light, heat and pH. Easily soluble in water, methanol and ethanol. The pH of 10% aqueous solution is 5~8. Sucralose is the only functional sweetener that uses sucrose as raw material, which can reach about 600 times (400~800 times) the sweetness of sucrose. Sucralose has the characteristics of no energy, high sweetness, pure sweetness, and high safety. It is also one of the ideal sweeteners.


The sweetness of sucralose is very high (400 to 800 times that of sucrose), and the sweetness is pure, the speed of presentation of sweetness, the intensity of maximum sweetness, the duration of sweetness and the aftertaste are very close to sucrose. Sucralose is stable in properties, and its crystalline product is also stable for 4 years when stored under dry conditions at 20°C. In aqueous solutions, sucralose is the most stable of all intense sweeteners in the pH range of soft drinks and at typical temperatures and can be stored for more than a year without any change.

Sucralose is a derivative of the purely natural product sucrose. The relative sweetness of sucrose varies with the concentration of the solution. It has a diluting effect on sour and salty tastes and has a masking effect on astringency, bitterness, wine and other tastes. , milk flavor, etc. have a synergistic effect.

Sucralose does not participate in metabolism in the human body, is not absorbed by the human body, and has zero calorie value. It is an ideal sweet substitute for diabetics. In addition, sucralose is not used by caries bacteria, which can reduce the amount of acid produced by bacteria in the oral cavity and the adhesion of streptococcus cells on the tooth surface, effectively playing an anti-caries effect. After a long-term safety certification test, the US FDA confirmed that it is a GRAS (safety) grade additive.


Worldwide, sucralose has been used in more than 3,500 food products. Nearly 50% of the new product’s sweetener formulation will contain only sucralose. The most widely used are beverages, candy, cakes, biscuits, yogurt, ice cream, etc.


Sucralose is commonly used in beverages.

In addition, the application of sucralose in alcohol or alcoholic beverages has sound effects. Adding a small amount of sucralose can improve the taste of alcoholic beverages, effectively mask the original sourness of alcohol, and improve the taste of alcohol.

Baked goods

Because sucralose has the advantages of high-temperature resistance and low calorific value, it is widely used in baked goods. The sweetness of sucralose products heated at high temperatures will not change. It is more common to add sucralose to baked cakes and candies.

Candied fruit

Sucralose powder was applied to candied food, and the additional amount was controlled at 0.15g/kg. The main reason is that sucralose has good permeability, which can avoid other reactions while ensuring sweetness.

The difference between sucralose and sucrose, aspartame, saccharin and Acesulfame-k

Sucralose is the closest in taste to sucrose, indicating that sucralose represents the crowning achievement of high-intensity sweeteners.

In some food production applications, aspartame tastes good, but is easily decomposed and unstable;

The safety of sodium cyclamate and saccharin is controversial to a certain extent, and it is easy to produce a post-bitter taste;

The sweetness of sucralose is very close to sucrose, and it is very stable to heat, acid and alkali, and has high safety. Its main advantages are: high sweetness, 400 to 800 times that of sucrose; safe and non-toxic, without side effects on the human body, and has passed the US FDA certification; low calorie can be used for people who cannot eat nutritional sweeteners, such as obesity, diabetes and so on.

At the same time, it will not cause dental caries, which is beneficial to dental health; it has good stability and can be stored for a long time, and the sweetness will not be destroyed during high-temperature food processing;

Pure sweetness, similar to sucrose sweetness, without bitterness and off-flavor like some other strong sweeteners.

Where to buy sucralose powder

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