The application of Indolebutyric Acid

Indolebutyric Acid (IBA) is a plant hormone that belongs to the auxin family. It is commonly used in horticulture and agriculture for various purposes related to plant propagation and growth. Here are some key applications of Indolebutyric Acid:

1.Rooting Hormone:

Propagation: Indolebutyric Acid is widely used as a rooting hormone to stimulate root development in cuttings. When applied to the cut end of a plant stem or cutting, IBA encourages the formation of roots, helping in the successful propagation of new plants.

2.Seed Germination:

Seed Treatment: Indolebutyric Acid can be used to treat seeds to enhance germination. It can promote root development in germinating seeds, leading to stronger and healthier seedlings.

The application of Indolebutyric Acid-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd


Transplant Shock Reduction: Indolebutyric Acid is sometimes applied to the root systems of plants during transplanting to reduce transplant shock. It aids in the development of a robust root system, allowing the plant to establish itself more effectively in its new environment.

4.Fruit Development:

Fruit Setting: Indolebutyric Acid is used in some cases to promote fruit setting in certain fruit crops. It can be applied during flowering to enhance the formation and development of fruits.

5.Stress Management:

Stress Tolerance: Indolebutyric Acid has been studied for its potential role in improving stress tolerance in plants, including resistance to drought, salinity, and other environmental stresses.

6.Tissue Culture:

Micropropagation: Indolebutyric Acid is often included in the culture media for in vitro plant propagation through tissue culture. It helps in the development of roots in the cultured plant tissues.

The application of Indolebutyric Acid-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

7.Ornamental Plants:

Lawn and Turf Establishment: Indolebutyric Acid is used to promote root development in grasses, aiding in the establishment of lawns and turf.


Tree Planting: Indolebutyric Acid is employed in the planting of trees to enhance root development, especially in reforestation and afforestation projects.

When using Indolebutyric Acid, it is essential to follow recommended application rates and guidelines to ensure its effectiveness and prevent any potential negative effects on plants. Different plant species may respond differently to Indolebutyric Acid, so specific recommendations may vary based on the plants being treated.