Cannabidiol Manufacturer

Lyphar Biotech is located in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China. With a superior geographical environment, we’ve been doing plant extract for over 10 years. CBD became more and more popular since 2018. The price was very high at that time. It costs around USD6000 per kg ever with 50kg. With mature techniques and large capacity, prices are reduced day by day. Nowadays it is the normal price for plant extract.

Is CBD legal to purchase?

As a Cannabidiol supplier, what we asked most is: if CBD is legal to buy.

Surely it is legal. Lyphar Biotech won’t do any illegal product to destroy its own reputation. There are three types of hemp. Industrial hemp, Entertainment marijuana( which is an illegal drug) and Medical cannabis. CBD is extracted from Industrial cannabidiol. Industrial cannabidiol. means THC must be lower than 0.3%. If higher than 0.3%, it is not allowed to sell. In December 2015, FDA allow researchers to conduct CBD trials. In 2018, the Farm Bill made hemp legal in the United States, making it virtually impossible to keep CBD illegal.

What is cannabidiol isolate oil?

Lyphar Biotech can supply kinds types for CBD.

  • CBD isolate 99.5%+
  • CBD isolate 99%
  • CBD full spectrum oil 50%-80%
  • Water soluble CBD 10%
  • Hemp essential oil
  • CBDV 95%

7. Full-spectrum hemp essential oil

CBD is naturally extracted from the flowers and leaves of hemp. So does CBD oil. We use the ethanol extraction method to gain cannabidiol isolate oil without any additive. Only a process of distillation is applied to remove ethanol.

CBD content is also very high in cannabidiol oil, at least CBD 50% of, the left is other beneficial cannabidiol ingredients like CBG, CBDV, CBV and so on. We don’t test assays for those. The most factory only focus on CBD content,

CBD full spectrum oil is a fat-soluble product. Customers usually use vegetable glycerin and MCT coconut oil as the solvent. A small amount of propylene glycol is also acceptable. When receiving packages, it might be solid because of the low temperature. After heating, it will become totally flowing liquid.

Water soluble CBD 10% is often used to make the functional drink. It is very popular in the market.

Cannabidiol Manufacturer-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

The benefits of cannabidiol

Hemp is a gift given by nature to humans. It has been used for a wide range of purposes such as medical function, health care products, skin care products, food and beverages and so on.

  1. For medical and healthcare function

In recent years, for pharmacological effects, especially in the treatment of cancer, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and mental illness, CBD plays a very important role. Animal studies show CBD is helpful to avoid anxiety. A very small dose will help to treat this. It may also help with falling asleep, that is to treat insomnia. Another benefit of CBD is to ease chronic pain.

2. For skin care function

Cannabidiol can be viewed as an effective antioxidant like vitamin C, vitamin E, and Pterostilbene. It can help to relieve wrinkles and fine lines and anti-skin aging. What’s more, cannabidiol can also ease pain and reduce swelling to help treat with skin scratches, rashes, dry skin and other serious skin diseases. Customers normally make skin lotions, creams, or masks with CBD isolate.

3. Food and beverages

Many food suppliers add CBD to gummies. With a nice prescription, it tastes very well. Water-soluble CBD also can be used in making drinks. You can find it frequently in food formulas.

4. Other functions

Hemp fiber also has rare applications like making clothes, making paper, building houses, making cars and so on. Japanese shrines even believe that Cannabidiol can clean pollution.

Today, you can find hemp products everywhere such as herbal tea, hemp seed oil, and hemp clothes. All in all, it is getting more and more popular in the market.

Where to buy cannabidiol near me?

There are many electronic trading platforms like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and company websites. Talk with our professional salesman, tell us what you need, and we will guide you all the import process. With our rich export experience, what you need is just to indicate the quantity and items you need. We can also do drop shipping for customers. We will ship small quantities via e-packet or ems or Netherlands packet and large quantities by FedEx or DHL. For USA native customers, we can also send from our USA warehouse for large quantities.

Buy cannabidiol gummies for sale

CBD gummies are certainly a better way to get CBD than capsules or tinctures and make you calm. They are sweet, chewy candies infused with cannabidiol or CBD. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, CBD gummies are becoming more and more popular in the market. Different supplier has their different prescription. Lyphar Biotech doesn’t provide a formula, but if you need one, we can try to find one for you.