Emerging skincare raw materials- Bakuchiol Oil

What is Bakuchiol Oil?

Bakuchiol, this ingredient is taken from the leaves and seeds of a plant, named PSORALEA Corylifolia) from a plant and leaves found in India, which is important in India and plays an important role in India. Many Chinese medicines in China are widely used in China, which has a good cooling effect on acne and redness. Bakuchiol is an effective antioxidant, which can significantly reduce the color difference caused by skin exposure to the external environment, and has a soothing effect. In addition, it can smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Based on the above advantages, it has allowed Bakuchiol to appear in more and more skincare products in recent years. The latest research shows that local use in skin parts, for all skin, all skin types has unique benefits.

Emerging skincare raw materials- Bakuchiol Oil-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

What are the Effects of Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol has high mildness, low irritation to the skin, and no light sensitivity. Scientific research has shown that Bakuchiol has the effects of oil -controlling and anti-acne, bacteriostatic anti-inflammatory effects, and is even better than A alcohol, so it is very suitable for acne patients and oil acne muscles.

Bakuchiol can also be used to treat pigment deposition after dark yellow and inflammation and plays a certain whitening effect.

Finally, talk about the strength of Bakuchiol-antioxidant and anti-aging. It is a stronger fat-soluble antioxidant than vitamin E, which can inhibit the lipid peroxidation induced by free radicals. Ultraviolet destruction of the skin delays the apoptosis of cells.

Effective antioxidant functions and soothing effects can also smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Studies have pointed out that a content of concentration 0.5% is the best to improve skin effects.

What is the difference between Bakuchiol and Retinol? Can it be used at the same time?

Bakuchiol oil organic wholesale is often considered a natural component that replaces A alcohol (vitamin A). These two ingredients can effectively lighten fine lines, wrinkles, and some aging signs. Scientific research shows that the above two ingredients are used at the same time, and the effect is better. For skin problems such as wrinkles, dark spots, and loss of elasticity, they can provide outstanding anti-aging problems effect. The main reason is that Bakuchiol can exert excellent sedation and stability while improving the skin’s tolerance to alcohol. *If the skin is sensitive to A alcohol, it is recommended to use Bakuchiol to replace A alcohol.

Am I Suitable for Using Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is a mild-maintenance ingredient that can achieve anti-aging effects. Whether it is weak muscles, dryness, oily, mixed skin, or mature aging, it is safe and effective. Causes skin irritation or light sensitivity, but it can improve skin care effects.

Are There Any Side Effects of Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol has natural and safety characteristics. It is an excellent alternative to retinol. In recent years, under the economy, best bakuchiol products are one of the hottest anti-aging ingredients, and it has become increasingly widely used in cosmetics. Compared with retinol, Bakuchiol has the characteristics of safety, mildness, and light -sensitivity, and their users are more widely used.

What Does Bakuchiol do for Skin?

When using Bakuchiol, on the one hand, the skin’s epidermal layer is accelerated to make the epidermal layer thicker and orderly;

It can also command the dermis layer to accelerate the production of collagen, and inhibit the damage of collagen in the metal matrix protease MMP, and it is more stable than it and less irritating than it.

As a relatively new skincare product, the role of psoralen pyrone is concentrated in two aspects. 1 is a super housekeeper for acne skin. The second is anti-aging.

Other pharmacological activities and applications of Bakuchiol 

1. Hypoglycemia and blood lipids

2. Antioxidant and liver protection effect

3. Anti-cancer effect

4. Anti-depression effect

5. Estrogen-like effect