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What is fullerene in chemistry?

Fullerene definition, also called buckminsterfullerene, any of a series of hollow carbon molecules that form either a closed cage (“buckyballs”) or a cylinder (carbon “nanotubes”).

What is c60 fullerene?

Fullerene structure:

Fullerene C60 has a special spherical configuration, and is the best round of all the molecules. Because of the structure, all molecules of C60 have special stability, while a single C60 molecule is extremely hard at the molecular level, which makes C60 possibly as core material of lubricant; C60 is so hopefully to translate into a new abrasive material with high hardness as a result of C60 molecules’ special shape and strong ability to resist external pressures.

Fullerene-C60 is a non-toxic antioxidant 100–1000 times more active than vitamin E.

When was fullerene discovered?

In 1985, Robert Curl and others prepared C60. In 1989, the experiments of German scientists Huffman and Kraetschmer confirmed the cage structure of C60. Since then, the fullerenes discovered by physicists have been pushed to a new stage of research by the scientific community. The structure of fullerene is similar to the representative work of architect Fuller, so it is called fullerene

How to produce fullerene?

Low-cost preparation but high-purity fullerenes is the basis of fullerene research. After Croto found C60, people have developed many kinds of production methods. At present, the more mature methods of fullerenes mainly include arc method, thermal evaporation method, magnetic control combustion method and chemical vapor deposition method. Xi’an Lyphar Biotech mainly used magnetic control method t produce C60 and its derivates.

Fullerene has many special properties:

1) Harder than diamond;

2) Flexibility (ductility) is 100 times stronger than steel;

3) The conductivity is stronger than that of copper, but the weight is only one-sixth of that of copper;

Embedding metals into the fullerene structure can also form unique superconducting properties, paramagnetic properties, etc. Due to its perfect symmetrical structure, special stability in the nanoscale range, and exotic electronic structure, fullerenes have great potential for application in many high-tech fields and are irreplaceable materials. “, has important applications in biomedicine, new energy, new materials, catalysts, electronics and other fields.

What’s the advantageous of MCAD method?

Here is a form which can shows the benefits of MCAD method. As we can see, no matter from carbon soot, purity,procedures,storage stability of product.MCAD is better than combustion one.

Combustion method VS MCAD method


Combustlon Method

Magentic Control Arc

Discharge Method

Carbon soot

With lots of PAHs(polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons-toxic substance)

Not contain any PAHs and toxic substance

Extract rate


Much more higher


Dirty and wastrful

Clean and green

Storage stability of product

Bad stavility

Good stability

Fullerene skin care:

Fullerenes can be made into different fullerene-containing products according to different contents, such as adding them to skin care products.

Where to buy c60 fullerene?

Xi’an Lyphar Biotech Co.,Ltd has several types of fullerene, like C60 99.5% 99.9%,99.95%,99.99%,C70 98%,99% and others. The solvent is o-xylene. The residual ratio when the solvent is removed by vacuumdrying? Usually is 400-500ppm.

Pure fullerenes are non-toxic and need to be protected from light and oxygen. The color of fullerene after dissolution is purplish red.

If there is any difficulity in dissolving, it is recommended for customers to analyze the particle size, because the particle size produced by each company is different. That doesn’t affect quality.

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