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What is Protease Enzyme?

Protease is a kind of hydrolase that catalyzes protein peptide bonds to generate protein, protein-peptide, amino acids and other products. It is widely distributed in plants, animals and microorganisms in nature. For example, papain is mainly derived from the plant papain trypsin from the pancreas of animals, and proteases from microorganisms have no specific names, such as protease from AS1.398 Bacillus subtilis, protease from Aspergillus Usami, etc.

Protease has the largest varieties and also has research, development and production value. As the pH value of one of the hydrolysis conditions increases, proteases are classified into acid protease, neutral protease and alkaline protease, which also divide their application fields.

What Makes Neutral Protease?

Neutral protease is the earliest protease used in industrial production. The neutral protease of many microorganisms has been purified and studied in detail. The production strains of commercial neutral protease are mainly Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus thermoproteolytica, Aspergillus parasiticus, Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus inhabitants, Streptomyces griseus, etc.

Neutral Protease produced by Xi’an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd in China is refined by biotechnology after culture and fermentation of Bacillus subtilis, and the activities we can provide are from 50,000U/g to 600,000U/g.

The Production Status of Neutral Protease

The production level of neutral protease increases with the level of research in the whole world. But in general, the level of developed countries is higher than that of developing ones. Taking neutral protease derived from microbial fermentation as an example, the reported range ranges from hundreds to more than ten thousand (u/ml). The reasons for this difference are various, such as different types of strains, the same strains from different sources, different strain improvement degrees, different fermentation process optimization levels, and so on.

At the moment, the aim of Lyphar Biotech in China is to modify, extend and strengthen the function of the neutral protease, hoping to reduce the limitations of some defects of the enzyme itself, as well as increase enzyme production and reduce enzyme production costs by means of biotechnology.

Applications of Neutral Protease in Various Industries

  • Application of neutral protease in the baking industry

Neutral protease can hydrolyze the protein of the dough into peptones, peptides and even amino acids, thereby weakening the gluten strength of the dough, making it have good plasticity and extensibility, and maintaining a clear and beautiful printing pattern. Besides, it can improve the gloss of the finished product, and make the biscuit cross-section clear, uniform in structure, and loose and crisp in taste.

  • Application of neutral protease in soybean protein isolate

Neutral Protease can hydrolyze soybean protein isolate into small molecular peptides, which greatly improves the biological titer of soybean protein isolate, making it easy for the human body to digest and absorb.

  • Production and application of neutral protease in yeast extract

Neutral Protease can improve the protein utilization and flavor of the final product.

  • Application of neutral protease in the beer industry

The addition of neutral protease decomposes proteins into polypeptides and free amino nitrogen, especially for barley, soybean and other vegetable proteins. For beer production, the phenomenon of “cold turbidity” caused by protein can be excluded.

  • Application of neutral protease in the pharmaceutical industry

Drugs containing neutral protease can have anti-inflammatory, choleretic, analgesic and digestive effects.

  • Application of neutral protease in the textile industry

The wool treated with neutral protease has a higher tensile strength than the conventional method, the wool feels soft, and the shrinkage is 0; it can also be used for degumming silkworms and refining of silk.

Application of neutral protease in the leather industry

The neutral protease can be used to make a depilatory agent. The tanned leather can be depilated cleanly, grainy and clear, without obvious damage, and the pores are fine and bright.

Application of neutral protease in the feed industry

Adding Neutral Protease to the feed formula or directly mixing it with the mixed feed can improve the utilization rate of protein and reduce the cost of feeding.

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In conclusion, neutral protease is a very important protease that is widely used in our daily life. With the rapid development of biotechnology, we will discover more properties and wider uses of neutral protease, making our lives better! If you have any demands for Neutral Protease, you can contact Lyphar Biotech in China, which is contributed to the production and export of Neutral Protease for years.