Neutral protease is extracted from Bacillus subtilis by fermentation and belongs to an endonuclease, which can be used for various protein hydrolysis treatments. Under certain temperatures and pH values, this product can hydrolyze macromolecular proteins into amino acids and other products. It can be widely used in the hydrolysis of animal and vegetable proteins to prepare HAP and HVP for the production of high-grade condiments and food nutrition fortifiers, and can also be used for leather depilation, softening, wool and silk degumming and other processing.



Protease-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

Product NameProtease / Neutral Protease
AppearanceLight yellow powder
Enzyme Activity50,000U/G-300,000U/G



Protease-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

1. Application of animal and vegetable protein hydrolyzed powder (HAP, HVP) production

Using the enzymatic reaction of neutral protease, the macromolecular proteins of animals and plants can be hydrolyzed into small molecular peptides or amino acids to facilitate the effective absorption and utilization of proteins. The hydrolysate has high AN%, a high degree of hydrolysis, and good flavor. Used in the production of high-grade condiments and food nutrition fortifiers, various animal-derived extracts to produce functional bones, meat extracts (osteon), aquatic extracts, peptones, peptides, etc., and research and development of some high value-added functions food.

2. Application in the baking industry:

Neutral protease can hydrolyze the protein of the dough into peptones, peptides and even amino acids, thereby weakening the gluten strength of the dough, making it have good plasticity and extensibility, and maintaining a clear and beautiful printing pattern. Improve the gloss of the finished product, make the biscuit section clear, uniform in structure, and loose and crisp in taste.

3. Application of soy protein isolate:

It can hydrolyze soybean protein isolate into small molecular peptides, which greatly improves the biological titer of soybean protein isolate, making it easy for the human body to digest and absorb.

4. Production and application of yeast extract and yeast extract

Improve protein utilization and flavor of the final product

5. Beer Industry:

The addition of neutral protease decomposes proteins into polypeptides and free amino nitrogen, especially for barley, soybean and other vegetable proteins.

6. Application in the pharmaceutical industry:

Drugs containing neutral protease can have anti-inflammatory, choleretic, analgesic, and digestive effects.

7. Application in the textile industry:

The wool treated with neutral protease has a higher tensile strength than the conventional method, the wool feels soft, and the shrinkage is 0; it can also be used for degumming of silkworms and refining silk.

8. Application in the leather industry:

The neutral protease can be used to make a depilatory agent. The tanned leather has clean, grainy and clear hair removal, no obvious damage, and fine and bright pores.

9. Application in the feed industry:

Adding it to the feed formula or directly mixing it with the mixed feed can improve the utilization rate of protein and reduce the cost of feeding.

Protease-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

Protease-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

Protease-Xi'an Lyphar Biotech Co., Ltd

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