What is Chitosan powder?

Efficacy and application of Chitosan

Chitosan, also known as deacetylchitin, is obtained from the deacetylated chitin widely found in nature, with the chemical name of-1, 4-polyglucosamine. Chitosan (CHITOSAN) is a high polymer active ingredient extracted from Marine organisms, known as the “sixth life element of the human body”. Due to the advantages of safety and non-toxic, antibacterial, strong adsorption, antioxidant, moisturizing, biodegradable and other advantages, chitosan materials are widely used in medicine, food, environmental protection, cosmetics and other fields, and play an important role in wound repair, food preservation, sewage purification, skin care.

Role of chitosan in cosmetics:

  1. Safe, non-toxic and low stimulation, and skin-friendly.
  2. With antibacterial properties: it can assist anticorrosion and reduce anticorrosion materials; accelerate repair, repair acne and barrier damaged barrier skin.
  3. Strong adsorption: absorb heavy metals, pigments and electrostatic dust caused by makeup and environmental pollution.
  4. Moisturizing and locking water: it can be used for: red, red blood silk, after the sun repair, barrier damage, acne explosion, daily hydration, etc

Chitosan is not only used in skin care products, but also important in daily necessities such as hair care fluid and bath fluid. If the use of chitosan excellent film-forming characteristics, can be used in a variety of hair gel and shampoo. Chitosan was first used as a food additive, and in recent years began to be used in cosmetics, which has become a new favorite in the cosmetics industry.

Advantages of chitosan in cosmetics:

  1. With excellent biocompatibility and film formation, it can fully maintain the nutrients.
  2. It has antibacterial function and significant whitening effect.
  3. Has the function of moisturizing, stimulating cell regeneration and modifying the skin.

Common types of chitosan:

According to the dissolution method, chitosan is divided into acid-soluble and water-soluble chitosan.

Acid-soluble chitosan is divided into deacetyl degree of 85%, 90% to 95% chitosan, raw materials from neighboring countries are black tiger shrimp shell, domestic crab shell, domestic shrimp shell, small dragon shrimp shell (generally used in the south), north red crab crab shell, imported snow crab crab shell; water-soluble chitosan is divided into chitosan hydrochloride, chitosan quaternary ammonium salt and carboxymethyl chitosan.

Industrial grade chitosan (deacetylation of more than 85%) is mainly used in pesticides, fertilizers, soil amendments, seed dressing agent, feed additives, sewage treatment, paper industry and coatings.

Refined grade chitosan (deacetylation degree above 95%) is commonly used in medical dressings, drug slow-release agents, etc

Health care mechanism of chitosan

  1. Adjust blood lipid:
  • Block fat absorption, reduce low-density cholesterol (LDL) and neutral fat, raise high-density cholesterol (HDL), control body weight, and inhibit blood pressure rise.
  • Prevent and control tumors and inhibit cancer cell metastasis.
  • Have the effect of immune strengthening and cell activation, inhibit aging, regulate biological function detoxification and beauty freckle.
  • Have special effects to prevent the deterioration of liver diseases.
  • Prevention and control of osteoporosis.
  • The higher the purity, the better the effect.
  • Chitosan preferred blue Bay chitosan, which is the highest purity product in chitosan.
  1. Regulate blood sugar level:
  • It can improve the acidic constitution of diabetic patients, and make insulin play a role in a more suitable humoral PH value environment, so as to improve the sugar metabolism in the body.
  • Chitosan can activate cells, increase the consumption of blood sugar in somatic cells, and activate insulin cells, which is conducive to the increase of patients’s own insulin levels, thus reducing blood sugar.
  • It has the function of invigorating spleen and tonifying kidney, promoting blood circulation and guiding stagnation, cooling blood and detoxifying blood. Clinical studies have proved that it is beneficial to improve the disorder of nitrogen metabolism in diabetic nephropathy, to guide the benign reaction of lipid metabolism, and to effectively prevent or delay the progression of diabetic toxicity.
  1. Reduce weight:
  • Chitosan is in the acidic environment, and the amino group in its chemical structure is replaced by hydrogen ions, with a strong positive charge, and it is combined with fat and bile acids in the intestinal tract, which can block the digestion and absorption of fat, clean up the intestine, and reduce the cholesterol and neutral fat in the blood.
  • Chitosan can activate somatic cells, enhance the consumption of blood sugar in somatic cells, and reduce body fat.
  • Chitosan is different from the general weight loss food to suppress appetite or cause diarrhea to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Chitosan can eat people who want to lose weight at ease without affecting the effect of nutrient absorption.

The standard for high-quality chitosan

First of all, the source and quality of raw materials should be strictly controlled. That is to say, the material source of shrimp and crab shell is fixed, and the quality inspection report or certificate of each batch of raw materials.

Second, each step and parameter control of the production process, repeated verification of the process parameters, environmental conditions and operation specifications in the process of chitosan production, and operator system training, to ensure the standardization of chitosan production.

Third, the whole process of sterilization mode verification and sterilization control.

Fourth, the purity of chitosan is very important, deacetyl reached more than 95% can be applied to the product, high bioavailability, good absorption. Otherwise, it’s easy to have allergies.

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