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What is beta arbutin?

Beta- Arbutin is used as a whitening ingredient to control the production of melanin, which is a substance that causes discoloration and freckles.

It is called a substance contained in bear fruit leaves. Discoloration and freckles are reactive oxygen species produced by the skin exposed to ultraviolet light under conditions such as sunlight, pressure and air pollution, which activate tyrosinase, which promotes the conversion of tyrosine in melanocytes (pigment cells) into melanin. Produced by solid/liquid extraction process, environmentally friendly process. It is said that β- Arbutin can reduce the production of melanin by directly acting on tyrosinase in melanocytes, thus showing a whitening effect.

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What does beta arbutin do?

Beta-arbutin generally refers to arbutin. Arbutin, also known as arbutin,  is a kind of ingredient extracted from the leaves of arbutus, a plant of the Rhododendron family, which can reduce skin pigmentation and get rid of pigmentation and freckles by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase in the body and stopping the production of melanin, as well as having bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, mainly used in cosmetics.

Arbutin is being one of the three whitening miracles, its ability to lighten melanin is very good, function: whitening, and depigmentation. Melanin is a kind of deep pigment-like substance, which can cause skin coloring, and there is ammonia phenylpropionate or tyrosine in melanocytes generated by a series of biochemical reactions such as oxidation.

Tyrosinase has both tyrosine carboxylase activity and dopa oxidase activity, which is the key factor for melanin synthesis in melanocytes.

Arbutin can quickly penetrate into the skin and effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin without affecting the concentration of cell proliferation, blocking the production of melanin.

By directly binding to tyrosinase itself and competing for the binding site of dopa, it accelerates the decomposition and excretion of melanin, thus reducing skin pigmentation.

Therefore, arbutin has whitening and depigmentation effects. Besides, it also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, and is traditionally used for the treatment of urinary tract infections, of which arbutin is the main medicinal ingredient, and also has cough-suppressing, phlegm removing and asthma-calming effects.

  •  Skin whitening and spot removal
  •  Prevent UV radiation.
  •  Strengthen the immune system.
  •  Good for intestinal diseases.
  •  Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on burns.

Beta arbutin vs Alpha arbutin

alpha-arbutin and deoxyarbutin are synthetic forms of arbutin, while beta-arbutin is the plant-derived form of arbutin. “Both forms of arbutin suppress melanin production, but studies have shown that alpha-arbutin is more stable and is estimated to be more than 10 times stronger than beta-arbutin,” Dr. Chiu says.

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Beta arbutin and Vitamin c

From Google search results we know that researchers have given the use of these two products, “Arbutin is generally less effective compared to kojic acid. But Chiu adds that these two ingredients are okay to use together. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also helps brighten skin. Pairing arbutin and vitamin C can enhance the potency of each, she says.”.

Beta arbutin and Retinol

Let’s be clear: retinol is not about shedding dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, but about increasing the renewal of skin cells and pushing fresh new skin cells to the top of the skin, resulting in a radiant, youthful complexion. Pairing retinol with arbutin gives amazing results, considering that both ingredients are very effective, mainly because it is easy to use arbutin in your daily life without having to worry about it causing irritation or reactions to your skin. Another fact is that each ingredient works in a different area of the skin, so it can work without competition.

Both of these powerful ingredients are equally effective in improving the overall complexion and health of the skin, so it is important to consult with your doctor or medical professional before applying any new products to your face. Once you have decided which products to use, I also recommend a 24-hour patch test before applying them directly to your face for added peace of mind.

Beta arbutin and Hyaluronic acid

Arbutin and tragic acid are natural skin-lightening ingredients that reduce melanin production, The main difference between arbutin and tretinoin is that tretinoin is more prone to oxidation (reaction with oxygen), which means it is more sensitive to air, heat and light. We are concerned because when tretinoin oxidizes, the chemical composition of the ingredient changes and its effectiveness as a skincare ingredient is reduced. To maintain the potency and effectiveness of tretinoin, be sure to store it in a cool, dark place. In conclusion, both arbutin and tretinoin are excellent choices for fading dark skin patches, but arbutin is easier to store.

Beta arbutin side effects

There are several side effects associated with the use of beta arbutin, for those with sensitive skin, including irritation, stinging, contact dermatitis, and skin discoloration.

Precautions for the use of arbutin

Whether it is beta arbutin or alpha arbutin, it can only be used externally, not orally, which you must remember to avoid bringing adverse effects to your body.

When using arbutin, you should pay attention to the combination, for example, if arbutin and nipagin methyl are used together, it is easy to produce hydroquinone, which is harmful to the skin and can cause many skin problems.

When using arbutin, you need to pay attention to avoid sunlight, if not used properly, not only will not inhibit melanin but also lead to melanin precipitation.

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