Trends in cosmetics and raw materials in 2023

The cosmetic world relies on changes in raw materials to produce new trends. Every year, some raw materials change depending on the cultivation and production process, and it’s no surprise that these changes are not only in the face of new product development and use, but instead, it’s exciting to see how the cosmetic industry will develop in 2023.


Bakuchiol is a plant-based retinol-like product with anti-aging properties and is an effective remedy against blemished or impure skin. This 100% natural product has taken over the internet. Bakuchiol is great because it has some of the same effects as retinol, without some serious side effects. You can find retinol and psoralen on our website!


Niacinamide is a divine ingredient in high demand worldwide and covers a wide range of skincare is skincare’s a popular raw material for skin care and cosmetics these days, and major brands use it to make their beloved skin care products that have been loved by customers for years. It has soothing, anti-aging and multi-functional skin-improving properties that have and will continue to enhance many cosmetic products on the market.

Among the beauty and skincare content consumers are concerned about, product ingredients and efficacy science are the most important. The main reasons for choosing efficacious skincare products are also focused on solving skin problems, seeking ingredient safety and obvious effectiveness. In terms of specific functions, the four major effects of repair and soothing, acne, anti-aging and spot whitening are still of great concern, with repair, soothing and anti-aging growing the fastest, while from the perspective of active ingredients and formulations, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E are among the TOP 3 effective ingredients in 2022, while the list of potential ingredients includes retinol, PCA zinc and astaxanthin.

In recent years, consumers are paying more attention to healthy, environmentally friendly and safe products, and safe and healthy botanical and herbal skincare and beauty products have become a trend, with brands promising to shift to pure and sustainable beauty products by 2030, and 95% of ingredients will come from renewable plant resources. In addition, consumers are paying more attention to the additional effects of sunscreen products, and the concept of “sunscreen+” has emerged, with sunscreens beginning to have multiple effects such as skin nourishing, brightening, moisturizing and soothing. From the perspective of product attributes, sensitive skin, repair, refreshing, thin and watery are the mainstream attributes of sunscreen, soothing, skin nourishing, and hyaluronic acid are high potential attributes, while spray, isolation and other attributes gradually become obsolete.

Head care

Hair transplants move tens of thousands of dollars, wig pieces are prevalent, and the hair economy is on the rise. According to the huge engine, the search volume on social media for keywords such as “anti-hair loss”, “thinning hair” and “frizzy hair” increased by 470%, 197% and 101% respectively year-on-year in October 2022. %, and 101%.
Traditional basic shampoo products can no longer meet consumer demand. Looking ahead, in the shampoo market, trends such as “cranial top volumizing”, “anti-hair loss” and “high luxury washing” are growing well; in the hair care market, consumers’ demands are developing in the direction of full chain and In the hair care market, consumers’ demands are developing in the direction of full chain and segmentation, from the scalp, root to tip and color care, among which “scalp care” is growing faster; in the hairdressing market, hair coloring is pursuing safety, an optimized experience, hair color freedom, color and care integration, creating volume and volume as future trends.